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  Finance plays an important role in management sciences, which may be classified into Corporate Finance, Investment, Financial Institutions and Markets. With financial internationalization and liberalization trends, we intend to combine information technology in financial applications, so that students also have the financial expertise and practical financial ability to foster both theory and practice of finance at the senior professionals. The missions of Department of Finance are caring for students and enhancing their future competitiveness. Our comprehensive program includes exploration of fiscal and monetary policies, development and management of securities and financial markets, corporate governance, investment decision-making and portfolio management, risk management, and international financial management. Students can choose their favorite courses and focus on licenses, cultivating practical knowledge such as the financial professional licenses and international licenses (e.g. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM)). We also utilize abundant resources of alumni and affiliated enterprises to cultivate professionals with contemporary financial knowledge and skills under the principle of both theory and practice.